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Lesson from Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet just lost out on a huge acquisition Oncor Electric Delivery Co. His investment company, Berkshire Hathaway made a bid for $9 billion for the company but lost out to Sempra Energy. Buffet has learned many lessons over the years. One of the big things that Buffet has figured out is to look at investments long-term and not short-term. He would rather buy companies stocks when they drop knowing that eventually they will rise again as shown by the stock market as a whole. The biggest lesson for small business owners is to look at everything with a long-term mindset.


Kevin O'Leary's best productivity hack

Many of you may know Kevin O'Leary from the hit show Shark Tank. He has a lot of companies that he has under his belt. With so much to manage, he keeps track of his daily task using a pen and post-it note. He writes down three important tasks to accomplish each day and doesn't go to bed until they are done. He shares much more with CNBC. You can read more in the article here.

Daymond John says never quit your day job

To further back up my article from this week "The Blessing of a Part Time Business," Daymond John explains how he paid his bills by working for Red Lobster while running FUBU on the side. He grew slowly and the time allotment shifted from Red Lobster to FUBU. This is a great way for small business owners to grow their business without jumping into a pool of stress. You can read his story here.

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Congratulations to our True Strength Giveaway winner Nick Celestine!

Nick won a free t-shirt from True Strength Apparel. If you would like to win a free t-shirt make sure you stay tuned to the show for details on our next giveaway. Thanks to all who entered and shared the show!


Learn How to Start Your Business from this 8 Year Old

Junior-James Wyatt is projected to make $17,000 this year from reselling eggs. He buys them straight from the farm and sells them to customers repacked for a nice profit. He is learning young some of the things that are needed for a basic business. Check out his story here and remember that you can never be too young or old to get started.

7 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Do Before 7 a.m.

I have to say that every item on this list of 7 things to do before 7 makes complete sense. I have heard leaders in the market talk about being up before 7 and getting the day started. This is what winners do. Check these 7 things and see if you are utilizing all of these suggestions to the max.

12 Low-Cost Business Ideas for Introverts

It is often easier for extroverts to start businesses than introverts. This is because business owners need to communicate with partners, customers, and vendors. The needs for a typical business owner are tougher for introverts because of all these needs for communicating with others. There are some jobs that are available for introverts to get started that cost less than $1000.  Here is a list of 12 that might get you started.

                            Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban Gives 3 Tips to Young Entrepreneurs

Mark Cuban is a huge advocate for kids getting started in business.  Cuban learned a lot of lessons starting his entrepreneurship as a young teenager. He shared his biggest advice for other young entrepreneurs on Click on the link below for his three tips.


Find Out the Top 5 Trends in Small Business

Trends come and go all the time. Even small businesses have their trends. Find out what the current top 5 trends are within small businesses.


Arianna Huffington Shares The Importance of Sleep

One of the most important times of anyone's day is sleep. Beginning entrepreneurs may try to run off of 3 or 4 hours of sleep, but that is not a great way to ensure effective productivity. Listen to the good points Arianna Huffington shares about getting the proper amount of sleep.