Citizenship: A Pillar of Character

We are on the last pillar of character this week. So far we have discussed: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, and caring. This week we are covering citizenship. Areas in citizenship are not normally the first things that comes to mind when one says business. There are some important parts of becoming a citizen of your organization though. There are four main areas we are going to talk about today. They include getting involved, staying informed, voting, respecting authority, and protecting the environment.

Some of the happiest business people are those who are a part of the work community. There are many areas where one can get involved. Some organizations have fund drive or non-profit events that team members sign up for. Others have different kinds of communities such as weight-watchers or even sporting teams. All of these are good ways to get involved at your place of business. Employees who stay engaged in these ways typically experience less depression in their workplace. Find an area where you can find some belonging.

When companies are in the midst of changes there are often times opportunities for team members to vote. Sometimes even front line employees get this opportunity. Just as we need to stay informed and vote in the country government, we should also stay informed and vote on issues in the company we work for. It is good to have knowledge of whats going on and how it may affect you. In the best cases you can find a way to leverage the changes to your advantage. In worst possible cases ,you can prepare to depart from the company. Either way it is good to be as ready as possible.

I have mentioned before how important it is to show respect for the leadership of an organization. I'm not going to lie, I have an issue with this sometimes myself. So this is an area I need to continue improving on as well. The reason this is important is because management is looking for those who are in their corner to help improve things. There are times where management and non management personnel may have bad communication and there is misunderstanding. Those are times where anger might come into play and influence the way we respond to situations and those in charge. As part of a team we should always be looking at ways to help management and even if they do not want our help, we should still show respect for their position. One day you might be in a leadership role and you would probably want that level of respect as well.

As organizations grow it is important to think of the footprint it is having on the environment. Companies need to be environmentally friendly and think about the future of the world. Companies are also part of a bigger community known as the world. We should try to be great examples of showing thankfulness and caring how we treat this planet that God has blessed us with. Be as responsible as you can with the environment we live in.