Responsibility: A Pillar of Character

We have been covering the 6 pillars of character these past two weeks. This week we cover the third, which is responsibility. This is maybe the least fun of the 6 pillars. In life we all have responsibilities that we must meet. The same is true for the business world as well. The main areas of responsibility are: doing your job, think before you act, consider your consequences, and being accountable for your actions.

One of my biggest concerns in my work life is making sure I get my work done. We are all assigned a job, whether by a boss or ourselves. When we are, we need to make sure we do what is required of us. This is extremely important to keep in mind for those who are self-employeed. It is easy for those who are responsible for themselves to put off what they set in motion, but this is a mistake. Once you set a work goal, do what you can to meet it. Be accountable to yourself.

One of my favorite verses is from Proverbs 21:23. It talks about keeping ones tongue to themselves and staying out of trouble. This relates to thinking before you act. One of my worst habits that I used to have is not holding my tongue. Once I learned to think about what I say before I speak, I stopped getting myself into unnecessary trouble. Before any action takes place, we need to think about it. It is important to take a second or pause before we make a decision.

As a part of thinking before we act, we must also think about the consequences for any decision being made. No matter the circumstance we always have a choice. In every situation. We must think of the consequences for every choice before we act.

The last part of responsibility I want to cover is being accountable for your actions. One thing that leaders can't stand is for those who do not take accountability for their actions. One of the most respectable things a person can do during a bad situation is take accountability. Don't forget to also take accountability for the great work you do as well. So remember as you are making your way through your career to be responsible in every aspect possible.