Social Media and Email Marketing

As many are aware we are in the age of social media marketing. Those who hopped on board early had a huge advantage. This is true for any social media platform though. When marketing starts on any social media platform, it is much easier to reach people. As the platform grows, it becomes more and more difficult to have a good reach. With so many businesses marketing on Facebook, there are limited amounts of space where they can slide in your advertisement. The same has happened for Twitter as well as Instagram. People are finally hopping on board with Snapchat, but that will soon follow suit.

One of the hardest things about promoting online, is the algorithms that are consistently getting changed. Once marketers figure out how to get a huge reach, the companies change up their algorithms. Google did this recently and as a result many websites are getting less traffic. So how do businesses get the attention and keep in contact with customers? Im glad you asked! Email. Yes email.

Im going to give four great ways to get a good reach and maintain attention with customers.

  1. Promote on early stage social media platforms that have few users to get an early advantage.
  2. Give so much free stuff away that the consumer wants to keep a check on your site or page.
  3. Use those free resources to gain email addresses for future contact
  4. Split-test your email responses for better optimization

This is going to be a short, but hopefully effective series of posts that will help you with your social media reach and followup strategy through email. We will go into more detail with each topic starting next week.