Trustworthiness: A Pillar of Character

Character. Everybody has one. This includes the qualities, disposition, and core values of an individual. Character is important in the business world for employees and managers alike. There are 6 main pillars of character that include: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. I will take the next 6 weeks and talk about each pillar as it will help you in your quest to success.

The first pillar of the six is trustworthiness. This is actually one of the hardest to maintain. One of the first thoughts when it comes to trustworthiness is honesty. Being honest isn't as common as some may think. People lie often in the workforce. It is usually something small, but it is still a lie being told. Stay completely honest. One of the most important character traits that will make you shine is reliability. Any manager or leader wants a person who is completely reliable. This means not calling in or having excuses for why a task isn't completed on time. Even those with real reasons for having being late is still considered unreliable. When I played tennis in high school I had bad issues with diabetes. I missed a lot of practices and a few matches. This showed the coach that whatever the circumstances, I was not a reliable player. The same goes for the workplace. Being reliable is one of a leaders most important requirements and desires from their team members.

Another really hard thing to do is always doing the right thing. The biggest problem with this one is that it can be subjective. What is the right thing? Does this apply to the company or my own set of standards? The way I look at employment is that I would never want to work for a company that would ask me to do something I don't feel is acceptable. If a job requires me doing something that is against my moral code, I find a different place of employment. If you are working somewhere doing things you are not completely in agreement with on a moral level, then you will not be happy there. If you are unhappy there, then you will not be able to reach your full potential, which would be stealing from yourself in a way. If you are asked to make a decision that meets your moral code, then make sure you follow company policy. This will give you something to back you up and help show that you did do the right thing.

The great thing about this pillar is that it is one you can work on at anytime. As you strengthen these habits they will become so natural that you can't help but be a trustworthy person. So go out and show others what being trustworthy looks like.