Early Promotion On New Social Media Platforms

If you are reading this blog post, you probably connected to it through a social media platform. Am I right? That is because we have a natural tendency to look around our social environment for things that interest us. In today's world that social environment is social media. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. When you are trying to get your product or service known to the world, you want to find areas that are not as heavily loaded down with other advertisers. The trick is to search around for upcoming social media platforms on the rise and start promoting on them early. There are less advertisers on them and there are fewer distractions to start off with. When you scroll through Facebook right now you probably see 1 in 25 post worth stopping to look at. That is only one of the many problems with promoting on the heavily populated networks.

Since there are so many users and advertisers on social media, the platforms are consistently changing the algorithms for being discovered. Facebook, Twitter, and even Google have implemented theses changes in order to sell more advertisements. Everyday the chances of being discovered on these platforms is slim to none. This is why finding new platforms to advertise on is a great way to gain some attention. Being 1 in 10 is better than being 1 in 1,000,000.

There are a few different sites you can start looking into if you are looking to using this strategy.

  1. Wanelo- is a platform where people go to shop. This could be a great place to get some promotion done for businesses with physical products.
  2. Slideshare- is a slideshow presentation platform. It is closely tied to Linkedin and because of that they have a professional appeal.
  3. Shots- with a 4 1/2 star review, Shots is next in line behind Instagram and Snapchat. See how you can promote using your business logo and brand today using this platform.
  4. Ello- this is another way of sharing things that interest you. There are a lot of visuals on this particular platform, so it may be harder to attract some attention on it. You should still go and check it out.
  5. Hyper- is still fairly new with the ability to share photos and up-vote and down-vote to help promote the more interesting content

These are just a few different places to keep an eye on. When you are planning the next 5-10 years of your business, you should always keep an eye on those different social media spaces to see what looks to be the most advantageous for you to jump into. Just remember, the early bird gets the worm.