Define Your Success

A few weeks ago on another podcast I am a part of, the Solomon's Porch Podcast, I was questioning what success really is. When you look up the definition of what "Success" is, you will find many variations. One of the top definitions of success is, "the accomplishment of an aim or purpose." Some common examples are winning a tournament, graduating high school, or getting someone to go on a date with you. This can be considered success by this definition.

The kind of success I like to think about is from a quote from Arthur Ashe Jr., "Success is a journey, not a destination." The biggest reason I love this view of success is because our goals often change. Reaching a goal would fit into the common definition of success. What happens when you are working toward the goal and then you realize the goal needs to change? Does that mean you didn't succeed? I think not. There are often times in our life when the Holy Spirit calls an audible during the play. The initial goal has now been alternated. Now success is found in our obedience to our calling and purpose. Even if that seems to change from what we initially thought.

Success can also occur in our failings. The lessons learned in our failures is a part of succeeding. Losing can be a success if we learn why we lost in order to win in the future. I am a marathon type of person. I look for the long-term goals not just the short-term ones. Achieving short term accomplishments are great because they keep us motivated. Just make sure you are looking at the future and have long-term ambitions.

As you are moving through life, your career, business venture, or anything else you are working toward, make sure you remember that as long as you are moving forward and learning from your mistakes, you are succeeding.

Thanks and God Bless