Double Down On Your Strengths

When I was in high school sports, I remember my coaches telling me to work on my weaknesses. The idea was to become an all around strong player. They would have the linebackers run, run, and then run some more. They didn't really build on the strengths of the players. I am not a sports coach, but one thing I am learning is that those in business need to build around their strengths. The areas of business that are not a person's strengths can be passed along to a person who is strong in that area. In the business world it is much more effective for people to focus on their strengths and build off of those. This is what I mean by doubling down.

Doubling down on your strengths is a way to focus on your personal niche. If you are a great salesperson you should practice making sales, not performing data research. There are people who like to work with data and do research and do it well. If you spend a large amount of time learning how to do that, you may fall behind the competition in your sales ability. One huge area that is more relevant to music is how many label owners and business men think they need to become artists. They try to do all areas of music including all the behind the scenes workload. CEOs who do this are doing their label and fans a disservice.

I think this idea is really hard for those who are good at many areas of life. We have many passions and interests and want to work in all of them. There isn't anything wrong in having other things we work on aside from our main focus. This also goes back to our purpose in life. Going back to music, I know of a great artist who also is a manager for other artists. This individual could easily make music themselves and be successful, but they want to help others strengthen their craft of music. This is a calling from God that this individual is working out.

Hopefully by now you know what your strengths are or have some idea of what it may be. Ask those around you what you are good at and pray to God about what it is he wants you to do. The second part is easier said than done, but is still true and important. This week try to seek out what your strength is and build on it.