Problems With Consistency

It has been over a month since my last Business with Blog post. I wish there was a great reason for the absence of written content like "there is a big announcement I have been working toward" or "huge changes coming soon" but unfortunately there isn't. In all honesty I missed one week and just decided to not make post on purpose. The biggest reason was knowing I was having problems with consistency. I thought that not being consistent with a weekly blog would set me back or make me look bad. I would love to have tons of content for consumers to be able to read everyday like other major websites. This is just something that I am unable to fulfill. Understanding mu limits, I have decided to find a way to battle my problems with consistency. Will simply change my schedule and my keep my sanity.

In the past year, as a husband, father of 2 daughters, full-time student, and with a full-time job, I have been doing weekly Business with Bordeaux podcasts, Solomon's Porch Podcasts, and blog posts for my websites as well as Trackstarz. Many people would send me compliments on how hard of a worker I was and often say, "I don't know how you do it." This made me feel really great!! I felt like I was working harder than anyone else around me. The problem was that I wasn't. My wife was working waaaayyyyyy harder than I was. As I was typing away on Friday morning she was chasing three kids around feeding them, getting the dressed, and waiting on me to get ready to start the day. My "working hard" was showing up in one way but not in the most important way. I was telling my family that I was working while pushing off my husband and father duties. 

With the help of a supportive wife I have been able to work a full year on two weekly podcasts and a weekly blog. I will now be more supportive to her and do one weekly podcast, one bi-weekly podcast, and a bi-weekly blog. I am going got try to batch my blogs a month ahead, which I have learned from Pat Flynn and Stefan Speller from the Work Smart Show. I will work with Osana as a way to keep myself organized, which I learned about from Latrice Claiborne who was on my podcast. Lastly, I will make sure I keep my priorities focused accurately. In making these changes, I am hoping to overcome my problems with consistency. I would recommend you audit yourself and your schedule periodically to make sure you are on the best path for you and your family as well as your business/personal goals.

Thanks for reading and God Bless.