Do’s And Don’ts Of Submitting Music PT.3

We have covered some important topics when it comes to submitting music to christian websites. The first week was about font and NOT USING CAPS. Last week we talked about cover art and some important factors about that. This week is the most important and that is why I saved it for last. When submitting music, make sure the quality is radio ready. There is an assumption that Christian websites will post music just because they are Christian and are expected to post up any Christian content. We are in an error of Christian Hip Hop where there are almost as many artists as secular hip hop. With there being so many artists out there, you have to make sure your music is top notch for it to stand out.

Make sure you have quality audio engineers mixing and mastering your music. If levels are off or not balanced, then it will not be a good start. You want to make sure the song is ready for radio play. Listen to other artists and listen at the quality of the song and see if yours sounds as clean. You could even listen to other indie artists that have been played and see if your music is at least comparable to theirs. You probably do not have the budget for big name producers or engineers, but you should either hustle to find a way to hire someone to do it for you or learn how to do it yourself. Either way, make sure your music sounds great.

The main idea is to make sure you are giving a great first impression. If you start sending in bad music, then that stigma may be attached to further submissions. Make sure that you are consistently getting better and improving into your craft. Quality over quantity. Do your best and give it your all.