Is Your Business Self-Serving?

One of the biggest things I hear kids talk  about is starting a business so they can have money, be their own boss, not have to answer to anybody else, etc. Starting and successfully running a business in today world is hard. It isn't as easy as people think just because so many people are starting "businesses."  A lot of people do want to start a business for mostly personal reasons and not because there is a need for it. I would consider this self-serving. Now don't get me wrong, business owners can see great personal benefits and there is nothing wrong with that. I want people to want to start a business because they care about the work they are doing and knows it will positively impact others.

When you do something just for yourself, it is easier to quit. When you are doing a work for someone else, it gives more motivation and drive. I'm sure some people would disagree with me and thats fine. This is a big reason for having a mission statement. If you have one, then you can make sure that mission is being fulfilled in all the decisions being made. We hear about so many scams and money laundering because of self-serving business decisions. Don't be a person with these problems. Make sure you are creating a business out of a need for others and because you want to help meet that need. That isn't just a Christian idea, but an overall business strategy.

If you haven't yet started your business, make sure you form a strong and clear mission statement. If you already have a business, make sure you stick to your mission statement. If you didn't have one, then look back to the overall purpose of your company, and create one to keep you in check with all of your decisions. Don't let your business be self-serving.