Relationships > Networking

This week on the Business with Bordeaux podcast I shared a little about my journey thus far. One of the biggest lessons for me is building relationships. There have been a few people who have been helping me connect with other Christian business owners and I am super grateful for that. In order for that to have ever happened, it took me building a relationship with those individuals. Chretien Dumond shared in his book "Sky Full of Stars," about the importance of this idea.

When we strictly network, we stay focused on what others can do for us and not enough of what we can do for others. We must always be focusing on what good we can deliver to others, paid or not. When we reach out to others, it should not be to suck everything we can out of that relationship, but to build a friendship where both parties are helpful to one another. If you are only looking to gain as much as possible from someone, rethink that relationship.

There is a time and place for networking. At major events or conferences you don't have the time to build a relationship with everyone there who may want to buy a product or hire you for a job. Sometimes business just takes place and everything is just transactional. That is fine for a short term goal. Long term partners form great relationships in order to sustain that ongoing. I am grateful for those who I have been able to form relationships with over the last year and will never take them for granted. I hope you feel the same about those in your life.