Whose Dream Is It?

Ever hear the phrase “work-life balance?” It is a common idea that gets tossed around as a normal part of having a career. I would venture to say that I am constantly learning how to manage this in my life. One of the biggest realizations I encountered was that my life’s future is not just my life’s and my dreams do not just affect me. When two people become married, the two become one. We all know that right? Our dreams also become combined. When we get married we have to see what the purpose of our family is and what our family’s dreams are. Our spouse may also have a dream that is impacted by our dream. They affect each other. There must be a mutual agreement for the family team on what they future looks like in regards to that families mission.

Starting and running a business or even a ministry involves the whole family. There are sacrifices made by the entrepreneur as well as the family. When a business owner is spending so much time away from home to get this business up and started, the family has to continue to keep moving. Think about military personnel and how their families have to maintain while they are deployed. The whole family is affected not just the soldier. The reason I point this out is to help others realize, like I continue doing, that every move that is made in a business affects that individual’s family. Major decisions that affect scheduling, family time, finances, and even ministerial duties need to be run by the family team, especially your spouse.  Just like a board of directors has others in the room to make sure every decision made is a serves the mission of the company, you need to have your own board of directors making sure the decisions are lining up with the families goals and dreams. I am far from perfecting this attitude in my life, but I am starting to build on it more and I hope you do as well.