How Big Should Your Company Be?

When you look around at different businesses, you will see the different sizes that exist. Some people look at businesses like Hobby Lobby, Chick-Fil-A, and other major national chains and feel like that should be the goal. The truth is that not everyone is meant to have a huge business. Sometimes businesses are best to stay on a smaller scale. Being a performing artist is one area where this is true. A lot of individuals feel like they need to do national tours or have a global platform. I do not feel this is true for everyone. Sometimes it is best to stay on a local scale and share your music in that way. The bigger the platform, the larger the amount of stress that comes into play. Other businesses are similar.

I notice that some companies do a great job being in a niche market. They then try to branch out into many other areas when they are number 1 in their current market. They could possibly go beyond their capabilities and end up in a negative position. This can be due to lack of expertise, bad timing, or this not being part of their purpose.

This is often hard for me to address because I do feel that growth is healthy and we should all be trying to do and be the best we can. In some situations, we just need to stay small and be the best in that small market. It kind of fits the "Riches in the Niches" idea. Ultimately everyone should pray and ask God how they should address possible opportunities and whether or not those are a part of his plan for you.