The Power of Customer Service

Every business, no matter what sector it is in, has one area of importance in common. That area is customer service. Anytime I go to a store, restaurant, or use a service I always want to have a great customer service experience. That will usually dictate whether or not I come back to that business in the future. There are a couple of reasons why customer service needs to be a main focus in your business.

  1. It shows appreciation. I think sometimes we can forget that customers actually provide our paycheck. We need to be appreciative that the customers are coming to us to spend their money. Unless you are in a very unique field of work, you probably have other competitors who would love to have your customers. Make sure you give a huge thank you through your words and actions in response to your customers.
  2. Providing customer service also means going above and beyond what the customers are paying for. Not only should you always keep your word but you should try to do a little extra when possible. When you go the extra mile every once in awhile, it will keep your customers happy with you. This could mean working during your off time or helping with a last minute problem your customer has. Think of ways you can go above and beyond with your customers.
  3. Try to provide convenience to your customers. When we have a frustrating problem, we usually want to find some convenient ways to fix our problems. Fast food does that for our hunger needs. Social media does that for our social network needs. We live in a time and age where convenience will win over a customer almost as well as the quality of the service or product.

I was told by a guy who was into racing about a race car shop that was near his house. It was the only one within a 2 hour distance. The customer service was so bad that he eventually stopped racing just because he would not continue to go to that company for service. I say that to let you know that you don't want to think that everyone needs you, but remember that you need their business.