The Facade Of Job Security

As I was growing up throughout my adolescent years there was a facade regarding job security that I was taught. Many of my family members would often talk about how working a government or city job provided so much job security. I believed that for so long. The idea that a big management team ran by the local, state, or federal government being in charge of ensuring work sounded good to me. When I turned 18 I started looking for jobs on different websites from those levels of government. I ended up working for a local hospital instead. Later down the road I was hearing about teacher jobs being cut, military being cut, and other local government jobs being cut. Hearing about the politics behind these levels of management I started to realize that job security doesn't rest in a management team or business itself. That form of job security is a facade. I found out that job security exist in your ability to perform a task well and market yourself to others who need that work done.

You should never be dependent completely on anyone else for job security long term. You should always be perfecting your craft in a way where anyone in that field would want to hire you based on your ability to do the work that is needed. You should also try to figure out if there is a way to work for yourself just in case no company will hire you. Many people start their own business after being laid off and needed to replace their lost income. One of the main purposes of this blog and my podcast is to help with that transition. Hopefully it has been helpful to some who are trying to prepare for that day if it ever comes. I hope you are ready too.