Your Purpose on Earth | Bibles and Business |

One of my favorite books of the Bible is Genesis. Why? It shows us God original intent for man. Why he placed mankind here on the physical earth that he created and what his role was. In verse 28 God tells man to 'govern' the earth. He gave Adam a responsibility. What is interesting is that God did not even let anything new produce until Adam was there to tend it. This is stated in chapter 2 of Genesis. Adam had a purpose before he was made on earth. Earth was short a governor and God placed him here to govern. What are you here for?

Before you came to this earth, God saw that there was a problem somewhere on earth that needed your skills and gifts to fix it. None of us were a result of a mistake. We all have some kind of gift that we are to use to better the world. When you think of any product that has been produced you will notice it has a purpose. Cars are made to get us from one place to another. When a manufacturer designs a car every part of it has a function. Every part of it is an important part that will help the car fulfill its purpose. Some parts are seen more than others and people pay attention to certain parts of the car more than other parts. At the end of the day, every small piece matters.

Every part of you is something God placed there for the overall ability for you to function. Every gift, every physical component, and every non visible component. The problem is when we start to operate without God's leading through the Holy Spirit we will usually operate our gifts in ways he did not intend, therefore we malfunction. One example I heard of this being an issue is Moses. He was a deliverer of his people. When he tried to do it himself he ended up killing an Egyptian. He then went on the run as a criminal. Later God called him to do it the way he intended for him to and he led God's people to the promise land. Whatever your gifting is make sure you use it in the way God wants you to.